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How to Promote Efficiencies in your Data Centre Build

Adam Buchanan

In the fast-paced world of data centre construction, the programme is king. Coordinating the long lead times of specialist equipment with complex onsite construction and fit out methodologies is crucial to ensuring success. This is especially relevant for modern hyperscale and colocation data centre projects.

Containerised or modular ‘pod’ designs can provide a quick and easy solution for clients with smaller IT loads, however this product isn’t suitable for bigger players in this expanding global industry. With disadvantages in security, accessibility, maintenance and scale, most large clients will prefer to have their own bespoke data centre.

Fortunately, techniques do exist which harness principles similar to those found in micro-scale modular design, providing improved time to site/time to install efficiencies, waste reduction, site coordination and cost.

One such technique is the Lean production method, which when applied to construction projects focuses on a combination of off-site pre-assembly, manufacturing and fabrication with just-in-time delivery to site. Through deeper engagement with contractors and consultants in the planning stages, project teams can identify key efficiencies in procurement and construction to help streamline otherwise cumbersome onsite activities. By freeing up work fronts and reducing the number of on-site tasks, overall project durations can be dramatically reduced while maintaining the same level of quality and even improving on safety and cost considerations.

AREA3 promote and facilitate early contractor involvement workshops within our complex projects and work closely with clients and the broader project team to identify project specific efficiencies. Some highly effective strategies to optimise data centre builds include emphasising BIM modelling and coordination, off-site prefabrication of modularised MEP infrastructure and containerised equipment skids. Get in touch with AREA3 to learn how we can optimise the delivery of your next mission critical project.

Adam Buchanan