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value of flexibility

The Foremost Value of Flexibility

John Farag

Since joining the team at AREA3 last year, I have been thrust into multiple projects with a range of clients who have all faced their own challenges in achieving Project Delivery. It’s been a learning curve which I have relished, and one that has exposed me to a range of client expectations. Ensuring client satisfaction is key to my role, and meeting client’s priorities and requirements is paramount for us at AREA3. Below I have detailed two projects which I’ve been involved in, each of which had different facets requiring lateral thinking achieve the required outcome.

One of our projects has a strong community involvement and the client wants to expedite its delivery. This was a challenge, as the internal processes and structures of the particular organisation limited our ability to speed up delivery. As a team, we structured the project on a staggered rollout to allow the community to see that work was being completed, but also allowed us as project managers, to maintain strict adherence to the established organisations processes.

The other project has been greatly benefited from AREA3 establishing lines of communication between several key stakeholders within the business. There has been a range of information and knowledge gained from other members of the business which has greatly assisted the delivery of the project. Usually, we would maintain a single point of contact with a client, but in this case it was valuable to keep our approach flexible. This decision has greatly benefitted the project and the feedback from numerous members of the team has provided input which has streamlined parts of the project.

John Farag